Alice Voglino

Alice Voglino

I was born in 1995.

I discovered colour when I was 8 years old and it has been my constant companion ever since, and is now my way of communicating.

In 2013 I obtained my High School Diploma from Art Institute and now I am attending the Painting School at the Fine Arts Academy in Verona.

I debuted in contemporary art at 18 in Austria during an international exhibition, and since then I have received various nominations, I have taken part in contests and national and international contemporary art exhibitions. I have also recently gained experience in art design.

I live and study in Verona and love the light of Miami, which is a source of inspiration for my work.


Colour and its infinite nuances and light are fundamental features in my artistic research.

I am fascinated by Nature which to me represents wellbeing, harmony, life and the energy that creates and connects everything.

I am fascinated by people and what they express through their being.

Painting helps me give shape to life’s emotions, to be in touch with my inner strength and be at peace with myself.

My works portray a message of joy for living, which I sometimes find hard to put into words and to express in my personal relationships.

Apart from colour, I use various other materials that are further enhanced by colour.

Such as shells that I find on the beach, for their delicate shapes and because to me they mean home, love, family.

There are then other materials such as glittering forms and different colours that help me to represent light.

Or other natural materials (stones, plants, sand, cork, wood, paper, …) and everyday items to emphasise forms and space.

“Her work portrays a message of joy, joie de vivre and dialogue with others, when words are just a whisper, a blink of an eyelid or a smile. The intense and distinct colours, strong brush strokes, harmonious compositions and each tiny detail all reflect her most intimate thoughts and desires, demonstrating the result of very profound introspective research. To recognize oneself through shapes and colours”.


“Every time I see her work I am moved. For her intensity, profoundness, because each time I understand the power that is hidden behind the words which, for us, just trip over in our mouths“.

Bruna Schiavi

“Alice Voglino’s work is undoubtedly original, and has a very rare feature: communicate the meaning of life elevated by the joyfulness of light, the multitude of colours, the fragrance of perfumes, feeling the sun and the wind on our skin, the energy and harmony given by nature. Each work expresses Alice’s sensitivity, a person in love with the beauty around her and which inspires her. The artist adds her touch of her perception of creation: the joy of beauty.

A constant element in her work, which is normally on canvas using various materials, is her way of decomposing light and the dynamic narrative we perceive. Alice’s art is not just to be looked at but to be experienced“.

Vera Meneguzzo – Art Critic

“Although quite young, Alice Voglino has a substantial, interesting résumé of exhibitions, and her free, fresh, immediate expression has grabbed the attention of the most severe qualified critics, enthusiasts, and collectors. Justly, we can affirm that our artist’s pictorial world revolves around shape and color, and that, above all, for Alice color is an effective tool for communication, an extraordinarily universal language for the expression of voice, emotions and sentiments. In her current expression, we find explicit references to Lyrical Abstractism, to Arte Informale and Arte Povera, but Voglino is free from any cubbyholing, thanks to her innate, instinctive sense of color, her liberty and creative ingenuity, her unbridled desire to find herself and to be found in painting, a magical path capable of bequeathing strength and harmony.”

Luciano CariniArt Critic