Fondazione Masi

The Masi Foundation selected the Fabbrica Lenta di Bonotto S.p.A. -which is also the headquarters of the Bonotto Foundation, the largest Italian collection of Fluxus Art- to transform my artwork “Persone che posano nell’erba” [People who pose in the grass] into artisanal textiles, made with Japanese, wooden, mechanical looms from the 1950s.
The tapestry is an 8-count jacquard. It is a rare, valuable fabric: made by the expert hands of weavers who are the expression of Italy’s tradition and history of fabric making. Furthermore, the fabric has portions in relief that reproduce the same parts in relief in the paintings. All of this re-creates the three-dimensional and material effect of the painting from which they have been created.

Alice Voglino_ arazzo_FondazioneMasi_2018 - Portfolio Aziende Collaborazioni AC03