Alice Voglino at VIII Biennale di Mosaico Contemporaneo

Alice Voglino is one of the artists under 35 selected at the international GAeM Young Artists and Mosaic competition organized by MAR – City Art Museum of Ravenna as part of the 8th Biennial of Contemporary Mosaic – Ravenna (Italy), October 14, 2023 – January 14, 2024.

Alice Voglino’s work selected in the competition section dedicated to works made with unconventional materials and techniques is the sculpture titled Girotondo created by the artist as an assemblage of acrylic color residues, the result of her painting gesture on canvas.

“For me,” says Alice Voglino, “color does not end with the brushstroke on canvas, and the painting-sculpture dialogue allows me to deepen this research.

I habitually collect the resulting color from painting, once dry, to make three-dimensional assemblages in dialogue with the painting, to attribute movement, speed, fluidity and harmony to the color and suggest a new vision on what is considered waste or different.

Selected sculpture contains secrets, residues of fluorescent and phosphorescent colors that change appearance in blue light or darkness to invite people to relate to what is around them even if it is not immediately visible or relevant. With my works I try to present the multifaceted complexity of reality often reduced by the common view to single and isolated aspects of the whole, disconnected, far from the meaning of existence.”

The work Girotondo (2021 – acrylic color residues on wood base- size cm 37×33 x h cm 32) will be exhibited as part of the Biennale di Mosaico Contemporaneo from October 14, 2023 to January 14, 2024 in Ravenna (Italy) at the Classense Library (Via Baccarini, 3) and in spring/summer 2024 at the spaces of the Cingoli Foundation in Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE), Italy.




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