Nel buio, la luce | Verona | 2021 | catalog exhibition

You can download catalog exhibition  Nel buio, la luce (Light in the Darkness) |Verona (IT) |Feb – Apr 2021

After one year from the COVID pandemic’s onset, the artist Alice Voglino opens the door of her studio for a new exhibition titled ‘Nel buio la luce’ (‘Light in the Darkness’). Visitors will have the opportunity to see the outcome of her recent research that has developed over the last 12 months, a truly exceptional period which will be remembered for the feeling of uncertainty that we’ve all been experiencing, every single day. 

About ten pictorial works are exhibited whose starting point is the black colour out of which myriads of colours bravely spring up as if determined to cancel its darkness. The vibrant colours intersect and give origin to multicoloured shapes and movements that seem to come out of the canvases, as if eager to spread around in the surrounding space, finally free to be themselves.

Black, as the artist explains, it’s the absence of light and it may cause a feeling of isolation.

When we happen to be in a dark place we feel helpless, unable to perceive and recognize what is around us. 

Nevertheless, anything may exist in the dark. We only need to stop, search, listen and recognize…to find ourselves. 

And then also light may appear from the dark, to become colour in motion, plenty of colour that describes the energy and emotions that always belong to us, even when we are in the dark, and that make us feel alive.

The exhibition includes pictorial works on free canvases painted with acrylic colours and, in some cases, watercolour waxes too. Such a choice well represent the poetics of the painter who works on the perception of reality and that, through colours, manages to suggest new points of view in order to convey harmony, balance and beauty.

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