Camargue, art to wear

Now you can wear my work Camargue (Camargue) and experience the emotions, colour, joy and energy that inspired me during every waking moment.
An immense, wild, uncontaminated, nature park. Camargue is a sparkle of colors and nature. Pink flamingos walk in the water under a hot pink sunset, that reflects on the salt pans; bulls graze in the heath and white horses live free. Camargue, a natural environment swept by gusting wind and burnt by a searing sun, which breaks open the earth and ignites the colors. Where light, air, water, earth, plants and animals blend together, creating magical colors, sounds, smells, sensations and emotions. Where light shatters into infinite sparkles and the sun and sea blend together, fusing and reflecting in the salt crystals of the salt pans that emerge from the sea.

Artista contemporaneo pittura astratta e design | Artwear AW05